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performance our
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Our network

Sud Intégral is an integrated groupage network (parcels, pallets) and ecological distribution over half of southern France.

• Our major asset lies in the internal control of transport processes essential for the quality of delivery in the regions covered by Sud Intégral :

  • delivery agencies and regional platforms
  • handlers, drivers and vehicles
  • IT, tracking and tracing
  • centralised customer service

Good coordination of flows via our platforms connected by daily lines and a dense network of agencies allows us to offer 24-hour delivery times to all major cities and to provide individualised solutions to our clients.

Sud Intégral is committed to do everything possible to SATISFY its customers, PRESERVE the environment and GUARANTEE the sustainability of our services.

Sud Intégral, your ecological transport partner that adapts to all flows!
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Delivery round trip/day

Our business sectors

As a specialist in parcel and pallet delivery, Sud Intégral focuses mainly on the delivery of consumer products in the following sectors :

Clothing and textiles

Cosmetics and health products

Automotive and tyres

Bookshops, stationery and books

Office and administrative supplies

Luxury and high value-added products

Industrial products

Our locations

Our network offers a network of 22 own branches, based on regional transit platforms and last-mile distribution agencies.
We ensure flexibility and a continuity in the quality of our services thanks to this network, by adding up the resources and pooling the skills of everybody.

Delivery in 24/48h

Optimisation of delivery time

Real-time tracking of your packages

Always one step ahead…

Everything is done to meet your needs

Customised offer

Discover our regional agencies…


26 La Fontaine avenue,
33560 Carbon Blanc


6 District of Herre,
64270 Salies de Bearn

La Rochelle

Street of Perousse,
17440 Aytre


Alley of the 3 Jeanettes,
16200 Jarnac


65 Impasse of the Lécherte
74370 Argonay
04 58 10 08 72


61 Sadi Carnot Street
93300 Aubervilliers


66 Louis Lepine Avenue – ZA de Ste Anne
84 Sorgues
04 90 87 20 20


ZI du Forum
42110 Feurs
04 77 28 22 22


Street Gustave Flaubert
38100 Grenoble
04 76 33 06 06


130 Jean Jaurès Avenue
94200 Ivry Sur Seine
01 45 73 40 40


2 Rue Pierre Mendès-France BP 80
69120 Vaulx en Velin
04 37 45 35 35


201 Des Aygalades Avenue
13015 Marseille
04 91 65 91 10


Aéropostale Street – ZI la Lauze
34430 Saint Jean de Vedas
04 99 06 00 01


5 Denis Semeria Avenue
Gare St Roch
06300 Nice
04 92 04 86 86


150 Pasteur Street – ZI Toulon Est
83210 La Farlède
04 94 75 99 64


Isaac Newton Street – ZA des Marcerolles
26500 Bourg Les Valence
04 75 57 22 22


1 Bouyssie Road
05 63 56 06 99


Minervoise  Road – Usine St Jean
04 68 11 25 30


200 Albert 1er Avenue
05 63 59 88 01


Z.I. of Moulis
05 63 02 90 15


20 Robert Destarac Street
65000 TARBES
05 62 90 15 15


340 United States Avenue 31200 TOULOUSE
05 62 72 35 35

Our commitment

Aware of the impact of transport on the environment and concerned to pass on to future generations a preserved planet, Our commitment to the environment is a priority at Sud Intégral.
Through concrete measures, such as reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we reconcile economic performance with sustainable mobility to maintain a high level of service in road freight.


At Sud Intégral, environmental commitment is an integral part of its strategic plan. In addition, a number of actions are taken to considerably reduce the environmental impact of our activity :
• Reduction of pollutant emissions : use of renewable biofuel such as B100 for trucks (urban and peri-urban areas), natural gas for light vehicles (city centre and reduced accessibility area) and the rest of the fleet are Euro 6 compliant.
• Control of energy consumptions,
• Optimisation of operating and recycling facilities.

we endeavour to take all necessary measures to prevent the risks incurred by our employees by committing ourselves to a prevention and safety approach (training).

Diversity in all its forms is supported and promoted through its policies, its practices and commitments. Diversity can only lead to innovation and positive changes in a company.

At Sud Intégral, the quality of service provided to our clients is at the heart of our concerns. We provide them with the most appropriate response, as quickly as possible, and thus maintain the bond of trust that we have established. We use all the technical and human resources necessary to ensure that deliveries are made on time.
We strive to always be available, responsive and attentive.
Sud Intégral also builds its relationships with its suppliers on a long-term basis and on mutual trust. We share values of quality, competitiveness and sustainable development to progress together.

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